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      Quzhou AMK BioTech Co., Ltd.
      Quzhou AMK BioTech Co.,Ltd.
      Address: No.5,huizhou Road,, Quzhou, Zhejiang, China
      Contact person: Mr zhang
      Tel: 86-570-3081766
      Mobile: 18357083060
      Fax: 86-570-3072337
      Zip: 324000
      E-mail: sales@qzamkbio.com
      Website: www.baeexecutivemediatraining.com
      About us

      Quzhou AMK BioTech Co., Ltd.is a technology-oriented hi-tech enterprise, who are specialized in exploring, manufacturing and commercializing heterocyclics. Especially, we offer custom of advanced and rare heterocyclic compound according to client’s request. Our research group is made up of Ph.Ds and Masters who have years of experience in CRO.

      AMK BioTech are dedicated to provide the best products for customers and our production capabilities are available from several grams to tons scale. We have successfully exploited a series of advanced heterocyclic compounds. We are also engaged in custom of  heterocyclic compounds according to client’s request and keep the confidentiality agreement. Our mission is to provide the customers high quality, competitive price and commitment of service.


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